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Tragedy in Nepal - A note to our customers and business partners

As you may already know, the earthquake in Nepal touched us deeply. I have had a strong personal connection with Nepal for more than 20 years and have built my business Moshiki working closely with our partners in Nepal for the past 15 years. 

Over the past days, my team and I have been deeply concerned about the impact that this tragedy is having on our dear friends and business partners. Slowly, through amazing technology (like the Internet) we have been able to make contact and learn some additional information about the reality of this huge disaster. 

Our hearts go out to those who have lost family members or whose family members have been injured.

There has been significant damage to the infrastructure. One of the factories is gone, because another building fell on it. And some of the people lost their houses, but all of the survivors are in shock, fearful of the impact that the destruction will have on their health and well being, and fearful about their future.

Nepal is still at the moment in survival mode, and it will take time until the people will be able to stand on their own feet.

They need help, a lot.

It is frustrating to have to stand by when we wish we could be there directly helping in the recovery efforts. Right now on the ground in Nepal, they need help from people with the specific skills to ensure that their basic needs can be met. 

But over the next months, we will be directly involved in helping the beautiful people in Nepal rebuild their lives.

As we learn more, we will keep you informed about what is going on and what it means for us too at Moshiki.

At the moment we pray for good.

Much Love to Nepal

Moshe with Moshikiteam

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