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If you happen to be in Berlin...

Be sure to stop by the Moshiki booth at Bazaar BerlinThrough Sunday, November 16

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Amazing explorer meets wonderful brand!

I had the opportunity to introduce world-renowned explorer Ann Bancroft to the brand Moshiki, and the timing was really quite remarkable - especially considering she is planning an upcoming expedition to the glacier at the top of the Ganges!

With his vast experience manufacturing and living in India, I am excited to connect Moshe Nasav, the head of Moshiki with Ms. Bancroft to help further their mutual missions of global friendship and learning.

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Now available in North America!

With the launch of MoshikiShop US, Moshiki brand fashion and accessories are available in the United States and Canada!

At Moshiki, it is all about passion, about creating beautiful things together and giving free rein to our imagination and ideas. All of this is mirrored in our fabrics. We are not and don’t want to be mainstream, but still we are always right on trend and in-style. Our young creative team shares a love for innovation and the joy of color – and all those tiny oddities of life that can be beautifully expressed in our unmistakable designs.

We create fashion...

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